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Adequate nutrient and a balanced diet provide a strong foundation for the development of a healthy immune system. Infant and toddlers are highly vulnerable to infections; in such scenario you must feed your baby with nutrients that are known to support your baby's developing immune system. This Pedifill Advance GP (Guard & Protection) contains nucleotides, prebiotics and anti oxidants along with beta carotene, selenium vitamins A, C and E to support your baby's natural defences.

Key Features:
    No Preservatives
    No Artifical flavours added
    Brand - Pedifill
    Type - Advance Guard And Protection Formula
    Quantity - 400 Grams
    Age - 12 to 24 Months
    Container Type – Tin

Important Instructions:
    Ensure hands are clean before preparations.
    Just cook for 2 minutes.
    Make sure the water is clean and fit for consumption.
    The meal should be prepared in clean utensils.
    Do not reuse the unfinished portion, store in cool and dry place, do not refrigerate, and keep the tin tightly closed when not in use.
    Use contents of the tin within one month after opening.

Nutritional facts:
Approximate composition per 100 gms
Nutrients    Units    Qty
Energy    Kcal    410
Protein    g    15
Carbohydrate    g    68
Sugar    g    10
Fat    g    8
Saturated fatty acid    g    3.2
Mono-unsaturated fatty acids    g    1.2
Polyunsaturated fatty acids    g    1.2
Trans fatty acids    g    0.21
Cholesterol    mg    4
Calcium    mg    400
Vitamin D    mcg    5
Vitamin A    mcg RE    350
Vitamin C    mg    25
Viitamin E    mg TE    2.50
Iron    mg    5
Zinc    mg    3.5
Vitamin B1    mg    0.50
Vitamin B2    mg    0.37
Niacin    mg    5.50
Vitamin B6    mg    0.40
Vitamin B12    mcg    0.2
Pantothenic acid    mg    1.50
Folic acid    mg    25
Alpha-linolenic acid(ALA)    mg    45
DHA    mg    25
Lutein    mg    2
Colostrum    mg    2

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Pedifill GP

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